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Just a cool little note about Gamestop


I know Gamestop is not a beloved company, but they're the parent of my employer, so I wanted to put one note in for trans folks who need a job:

Gamestop fully respects trans folks, has full policies, health insurance covers all areas of trans health needs, and even has an area in our system to note preferred pronouns. Gamestop stores even allow people to wear buttons with preferred pronouns on them. :-) There's also Gamestop Alliance, our LGBT group which advocates and helps anyone who needs it in the company.

So if you're younger or game-oriented and love engaging with people please consider GS or its associated technology brands like Simply Mac, Spring Mobile, or ThinkGeek.

I'd be happy to answer any questions.

now if only GameStop would higher me lol, thats kind of cool thanks

That's awesome! It's so good to see more employers supporting the entire LGBTQ population. Frankly I wrote off gamestop long ago, but will definitely consider them again for future purchases now!

Right now at my employer, we are working to have pronouns following everyone's email signature.


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