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clarification about being agnostic
« on: May 29, 2018, 05:10:09 pm »
ok more or less I have been conformed in the catholic faith but Ive never felt it was right. From a whole religion that would disown anyone who was not exactly like their rules, to the stories people go to church to listen to (which are nothing more then everyday lessons taken place in the past). I would say after some soul searching and more or less reading the actually 'holy' materials of other religions I'd follow if I had to label myself it'd be as a Buddhist granted I don't believe everything there but the teachings are much more friendly and not so much Fire and Brimstone.

That being said I do believe there is a greater power (for lack of better term a God) its kind of hard to deny all.  Now where there are a lot of similarities in every 'older' religion like a great flood or treating others with respect they all split to follow what they believed to be how the world should be, a lot of religions started because some rich guy or someone who thought themselves a prophet thought they where right and everyone should 'worship' them even after death.

Going back to catholic for a sec, the men the stories 'follow' sound close to a more modern story called Lord of the Rings (New religion I call it lol) I mean I can start writing a bunch of stuff down saying 'the holy spirit' told me to do it, back in the day give it to the right people and grease the right hands and *bam* people will follow (on a plus most people couldn't read or write anyway so those that could most of been special right).   

Even during my conformation (my sponsor was my Grandfather) I told him (which I actually forgot for many year) Im just going through the motions because I have to (with my family its not like I could of said no (I do now but being older helps)). It took awhile before I came to think of myself as agnostic, granted being a little more worldly I can understand atheist completely, but I want to believe there is more than just this, hell if im wrong dont damn me to a 'hellish' plain that is kind of the point of being a live lol 

anyway thats about it for me (in a nutshell anyway).