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How to achieve a female voice

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How is the best way to achieve a female voice, I ask because the usual methods of maybe practising at home is pretty much unviable without feeling like an idiot as I live with my mum and her partner and feel uncomfortable trying to do so, my mum's partner completely hates the fact I'm transitioning and I'm self conscious of my own screwed up attempts, practising even singing won;t help as I can't sing even as a male so what other methods are there that are more realistic to practice and achieve.

Go to a library and get a study room and practise there? Or any place, where you can be alone, park etc.

And it is practise and practise. I didn´t take any therapy sessions, but just practised and finally settled to a voice that I can achieve easily and without taxing my throat. It might not be the most feminine voice, which I could achieve, but to me that sounds fake.

But it´s my voice  :)

Here´s a program that I´ve used to analyze my voice:

What helped me the most was learning to speak while escalating my throat where the Adam’s apple is (practice this by moving your throat up and down), while simultaneously speaking and gently exhaling with my diaphragm as this eliminates the chest voice (google diaphragmatic breathing). I hope this helps!

Eryn T:
Hey, TranSketch!

I saw this post earlier yesterday, and I was already planning on doing something like this, but I hope this is helpful to you; seeing your post made me think I should go ahead and do this now:

Practice while alone in the car. Honestly the best option for most.


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