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I just stumbled over this. Thank you so much for writing up your side of things. This will help me tremendously understanding what is going on in my SO (we have a few communications problems). I am glad to see you are communicating.


I love the fact that you are posting this! I am super interested in how it progresses for you so that maybe I might have an idea for what's to come for me. PLEASE keep this up, I have a feeling it's going to be a popular thread...

Thank you so much for this Slyph! And that's so true, this isn't your ride!

One week in. Not a lot to report. After 2 or 3 days of feeling relatively happy (more relieved to be doing something, no great calmness or anything) he's had a few days of being utterly miserable, grumpy, silent and not nice to be around at all. In fact, how he was at times a few years ago before the trans issue became apparent, when he didn't talk about it, or talk about anything. In fact he's being very like his old 'male' self, the man in cave thing. Admittedly, we've had a few things going on, house sale fell through, death of a cat, another cat ill, puncture on his car, root filling....
I know it's only been a week, but so far, it's not good. I was expecting mood swings, but I thought there'd be more emotion, more openness and more talking. Hopefully things will get better.
Physically, nothing really. Slight tingling in the boobs - no real growth, but as he already pumps the boobs, they are growing a bit anyway.
I compared photos of his face from a week ago, and I definitely think there has been some softening, but he claims it's just different light on the two photos.
He says he doesn't feel any difference in anything.
Sex? Had sex a couple of days in, including PIV, but since then he has rebuffed all my advances. Not wanting cuddles either :(
Hoping things get better soon.

Update. The miserable stage is over. He didn't understand why that happened. He said he felt very 'out of sorts'. He's better now, but still no feeling of great joy, peace or calm. No emotional changes at all. Still gets annoyed when things go wrong. Physically, the boobs hurt and he thinks his skin feels softer and more transluscent. But he's very pale and thin skinned anyway. The sort of person who gets sunburnt in January in a bit of hazy sunshine (factor 50 often used).

We are still having sex, with PIV, which he is still able to do, and more importantly, wants to do.

Me? Up and down as ever. A few days ago I couldn't stop crying, I didn't want this so so much. I was angry. I wanted to guilt him into stopping. I know that doesn't work, that it's wrong of me, but my illogical emotions took over a bit too much. I still sometimes think that he can't love me if he is doing this to me. How can he do something so utterly selfish when he knows how much it hurts me?

But the last couple of days I've probably been as accepting and calm as I've ever been. And I told him so. Thought we have a chance, that we will make it, wherever this road takes us. The fact that I am still here, still love him and more importantly, aren't repulsed by his body must count for something.
Still no idea how much further we'll go. He definitely won't 'go back'. He really hates male clothes. Bought a male jacket yesterday for a wedding. Not VERY male, but he says it made him feel a bit sad, even though he likes it. It made me feel really happy. It's the first male item of clothing he's bought for about 3 years. I also bought him a nail polish :)
On we go.


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