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Hi. I was very interested to hear the side of a partner (though I haven't read everything). Sylvia thank you for sharing. I hope you feel that you're not alone, because it really is a time of transition, and things will change, and that can be hard to deal with while things have to re-settle.

I don't have authority to say this, but if you can be patient, and find way to be honest about your feelings, including  with him that reveal your heart without hating too much what is a really important process in his life, there's good ways to re-connect in love. If he can't open up to you on his end, then therapy really may be the way to go. He needs to understand that both your experiences need to be valued during this. It's very important to Him, but also your feelings matter and you deserve to feel connection..

I can't speak for anyone else, especially since i'm not very far in transitioning, but as sex is become less important, love is becoming more so. I think everyone wants connection, and it may just take something for him to realize that he does want to connect with you on a deeper level.

The more you can accept that what he's going through is his life and his path, some things might come to light for you as well. It's not easy, but if you want to be there for him, He will feel that support, and probably feel like opening up more to you as well. It's normal that you feel badly about it from your end, because of what you connected to in the relationship. It's not easy to let go of those feelings, but they may soften and change as you learn to accept them, and him

I obviously don't know all your feelings, so I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds. I just hope it goes well for you, and please feel good to share more of them. I haven't been here long but I kind of do want to listen, and hope something can help on your own journey :) <3

my partner came out to me in Feb. this year and we are now on the years long waiting list for the GIC so no hormones anywhere in the near future, we cant begin to afford genderGP unfortunately. your story is interesting to me as an idea of what i might expect when hormones do roll along. i do hope things work out for you

Dear @Sylvia , any updates to your story? I am wondering if you are in a better place. Hugs!


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