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Positive Mindset... put away negativity

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Northern Star Girl:
Welcome to my newest thread.  Here I will continue to post ways that will help others to promote a healthy, happy, and less stress-filled lifestyle.
While all of that is important for everyone, for the trans-community especially it is a current and much talked about subject here on the Forums because our transitioning brings along with it difficult issues pertaining to self-acceptance and self-worth.... and dealing with those close to us that may not accept us and our personal transition decision.

      Here is a brief introductory primer of what this thread is all about.

First, you are most likely aware from reading my many postings and reply comments on various Forum threads... and definitely on my own thread   "I am the HUNTED PREY : Danielle's Chronicles"   that I am a Glass Half Full and Optimistic person.

My favorite quote and personal mind-set regarding this comes from Winston Churchill as he penned the following quote during England's dark days during World War 2.
       "A Pessimist sees Difficulty in every Opportunity,
           an Optimist sees Opportunity in every Difficulty"

I will be posting much more very soon.
Stay positive out there, life is much more enjoyable and healthy if you do.  :)

Hugs and well wishes to all of my readers,

Northern Star Girl:
Turning negative thinking into an Optimistic Positive Mindset
I've never done it before.                        >It's an opportunity to learn something new.

It's too complicated.                                 >I'll tackle it from a different angle.

I don't have the resources.                      >Necessity is the mother of invention.

I'm too lazy to get this done.                    >I wasn't able to fit it into my schedule, but I can re-examine some priorities.

There's no way it will work.                      >I can try to make it work.

It's too radical a change.                          >Let's take a chance.

No one bothers to communicate with me. >I'll see if I can open the channels of communication.

I don't have many friends                         >Be friendly, be the first to say hello and introduce yourself

I'm not going to get any better at this      >I'll give it another try.

What a wonderful idea @Danielle . I plan to visit often to benefit from your insight and encouragement. Perhaps I can even add some to the discussion.
Keep up your good work!


Well I agree with your second post ( would quote it but don't know how) so to go with your suggestion should get of my lazy back side and work out how. Glass 3/4 full for me and to quote Mont Python " Always look on the bright side of life" don't forget to whistle 

I definitely need a thread like this, my negativity has been getting the best of me lately, I'm looking forward to your updates!


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