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Conflicting Beliefs

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Paul Muad-Dib:

The key is being able to accept that multiple 'realities' for want of a better word can exist for the purposes of the individual, without conflict at all, provided you are able to keep them in their appropriate place and scope. Quantum and classical physics clash but can be used separately or in conjunction with another, both are basically objectively true, provided you are aware that the appropriate use of either is a matter of size and scope, Quantum for the micro world, Classical for the macro.

People have a problem because they try to unify everything from an absolutist approach. This isn't necessary if you have a good mental filing-system and ability to pull out the right drawer for the right job. You can both keep a space for god or spirituality in your personal life and yet live by largely non-spiritual habit and outlook. Or vice versa. I think it's quite common in people, they just aren't always aware they are doing it.


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