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Support Groups for MTF and Wives


Alexa Ares:
Ive been looking on Transwiki and other places, and there appears to be a lack of groups aimed at Transwomen and their CisFemale partners /wives. As I really really want to hold my marriage together in transition, a support group that isn't Cisgender Female exclusionary is a must. Can anyone recommend anything around Essex/ London? Or if you are in the same boat, feel free to message me, and to share some solidarity. My Wife and Me are both trying to make everything work and I want to speak to others with the same goals.


Hi Lexa,

this is one of the areas that I think is sadly missing - in fact any support and information for partners is almost non existent.

I have a couple of trans partners in my companies Pride Organisation - I'll ask them if they know of anything

Vicki xx

I'm aware of, who are dedicated to supporting family and SOs of trans* people.

The support group I'm a member of (Cambridge Diamonds) has a few SOs as members who are happy to talk with others about their experiences.

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Alexa Ares:
Hi Vicki,  thanks for the reply. It's definitely true most groups appear to be set up for Trans and Trans only or for SO only.  There does seem to be a lack of support groups for Trans women and Cis female wife.  For me it's vital my Wife feels involved on a support group as we already see therapists separately and feel for the marriage to survive we need to be on the same page and able to feel comfortable with where the other person is going.
Please let me know what your associates find out, ie if there are any such groups.
Your profile pic is very well styled BTW. Inspiring.

Megan, thanks for your reply. That does sound useful, My wife and me would find it helpful to speak to more couples or Wives in similar situations ideally those who made the marriage work as a bit of positivity goes A long way.

Lastly, what do you both of you feel about the idea of someone setting up a support group aimed at trans female and their cis female partners? Do you think this would attract much interest?
I feel there are some unique issues around a Wife dealing with transition and managing it so such a group we would love to exist so maybe we should create it?


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