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Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

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Charlotte F:
The government has this week launched a consultation into the ridiculously bureaucratic GRC application process.  Of the estimated 500,000 or so of us in the UK, only 5000 have ever successfully applied for a GRC.  Without a GRC, a trans person convicted of a crime would be sent to a prison for the gender they were assigned at birth (regardless of where there are at in their transition).  These can also affect lots of other things such as some benefits and pension rights so it is really quite an important matter

If you have a spare half hour or so, the more of us that take part in this consultation, the more likely things are to change for the better

Read more about it here:

Fill in the survey here:

Charlotte x

I did it but I didnt understand alot of that.

Alexa Ares:
Thanks for putting up the link Charlotte F.

I filled it out over 2 days.
I feel its a good thing they are doing by consulting the public.

For what its worth, and this is likely to be unpopular on here, I don't feel it is in the interests of the Trans community to allow Self Certification for GR Certificates. Too much room for problems and also, its something people have to be VERY sure about.

 I agree, it would be better for the process to be smoother, swifter and more personalised, however it has to be regulated by government, and a Psychiatrist or two has to sign off. To not require this is reckless.
Thats my 2 cents.

Lexa xx

Why is having a government and psychiatrist sign off on my gender identity a good thing?

Even aside from who knows me best. The risk of, for example, being placed in a male prison, spousal benefits, immigration problems are all real problems affecting transgender women in the UK right now.

Alexa Ares:
Its a good thing as it means people who may wish to claim trans identity so to be little trans people or to make some political point are screened out from doing so.

Pyschiatrists are not always popular as at times they are going to have to give people some harsh realities of that being openly trans is tough and taking the kids to sainsburys on a Tuesday afternoon and still being open is very different to a trans friendly club.... If one cannot handle cis gender hetro environments well they are likely to be struggling alot in a openly trans role and as such granting a GRC is questionable on if it will help them..

Im all for making the process a bit faster however there do have to be gatekeepers or else a can of worms is opened up. As a community its vital to be seen as legitimate and taken seriously by society and to not have those who wish ill on us to tarnish our name. Further i feel to be openly Trans you need to have some mental toughness, meeting a Pysch and being open and proud demonstrates this.

GRC cert should be earnt not given out on a whim. We don't need another media story of unsuccessful transition out there.

Again i won't be popular for this view however its what i feel and given im openly trans despite being a Manly looking trans I got reason to feel this needs to be said as a balance to the general mood on the board that we know best above all experts in all aspects...


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