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Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

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I have read plenty of comments here about how hard it is to get trans care through the NHS.  We used to have similar in Ontario, until the protocols were changed in 2016.  Back in the early '90s, when I first considered this sort of thing, trans care in Ontario was only available by working with a psychiatrist at what was then known as the Clarke Institute in Toronto, with a low success rate.  With the new protocols, it's much easier, working with the family doctor.  For example, instead of dealing with a psychiatrist, hormones are on informed consent and can be prescribed by the family doctor.  Surgery can be done with 2 assessments from a doctor, practical nurse or social worker with at least a masters degree.  Surgery is also covered by our provincial health plan (has been for years), other than cosmetic and even Estradiol can be covered in some cases.

So, things are a lot better now for trans people in Ontario.  Hopefully things will soon improve across the pond.

Charlotte F:
I agree with you to a point but Theresa May is a champion of this so it does have real weight behind it.  It's also a policy that will likely get cross party backing from the Liberal Democrats and Labour if change is recommended in the right form so it won't be reliant on a handful of DUP and Conservative bigots

Whilst it could definitely still fall flat on its face, it's at least worth having our say.  If we do nothing, nothing will change.  There sure are enough TERFs and Anglo-American Christian groups campaigning against this so it needs every bit of support it can get

--- Quote from: Alice (nym) on October 16, 2018, 06:55:45 am ---Maybe I am being cynical here... but do we really think that this government is going to be sympathetic to our needs?  The far right of the Tories in cahoots with the DUP... I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble or hopes but I can't see them being at all helpful to us. If this was happening under a moderate Tory government closer to the centre or under Labour...  or any combination of centrist or left parties then sure. But we are talking about a government that is being propped up by the DUP... Trans rights... seriously? The DUP and trans rights don't go together in a positive sounding sentence.

--- End quote ---

Charlotte F:
The deadline for the GRA has been extended until 12 noon on Monday 22nd October

If you've had trouble with the website being super slow, this could be your chance to have your voice heard and help effect change for our community

Stonewall's advice can be found at:

The direct government link is:

(sorry for the double post mods but hopefully this is warranted considering the importance of this consultation)

Hello again Charlotte

You will have seen my comments on Transgender Talk Board but others may not have and I reiterate:

"I was pleased to see support for self certification on Questiontime Thursday night and also the moving story of the transwoman and the problems she faced since childhood in 1950s and later in her adult life.

Let us all hope government brings in legislation pursuant to this consultation and that it draws support from all political parties in UK."

I agree this is not necessarily dead in the water as it should in some form be supported by several prominent Conservative MPs and by many MPs in the other political parties at Westminster.

So Monday at noon marks the end of consultation and then we must wait probably till the second half of 2019 for possible legislation.




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