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Sub-Forum Suggestion: In Memoriam


Melanie Jean:
I would like to propose a sub-forum, initially started by forum staff and conforming to Susan’s privacy TOS, mentioning forum members who have journeyed onto the next plane. Information, when and where available, could be PM’d to forum staff and posted as privacy and time allows.

I believe it important to remember the friends who have traveled this road and helped pave our way.


I am happy to do this.

People just need to contact either myself or GM's and we will notify of members/ex-members passing.


Melanie, thank you for proposing this idea. I spent some time reading about each of them and it was an honor to do so.

Melanie Jean:
Thanks everyone. I had no idea about the wiki section, and it's good to know there continues to be a place for them here at Susan's.

Peace, hugs and much love.


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