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This is a research study that has been approved. Feel free to participate of you so wish.

About the Researcher:

Macie Stead, a doctoral candidate at Walden University, is conducting this study. Macie cares about this study both personally and professionally. Macie wants to improve counselor understanding of transgender and gender non-conforming experiences and self-identifies as an ally. Macie has a sister who is transgender who inspires her to explore quality counseling of transgender and gender non-conforming persons. Macie is a licensed mental health counselor. No past or current clients will be able to participate. Thank you for your help with this study!


About This Study:

The goal of this study is to explore what it is like for TGNC persons who have taken a counseling assessment. You will be asked to complete a prescreen that includes the focus group questions for individual completion. Once the prescreen is completed the focus group access code will become available. The online focus group is open to anyone, who meet the above criteria, accessing the same discussion posts. You will be able to discuss, post, and share openly with others who have the same experiences. Once you are in the focus group, the questions will take about 15-20 minutes. The room will be open for 3 weeks, to open whenever you want during that time. Feel free to share with each other in the room about your experiences. 

Questions from the Survey:

1. What motivated you to have a counseling assessment completed?

2. Share any benefits or positive outcomes of the counseling assessment.

3. Share about any barriers or challenges that you encountered during the assessment.

4. What was your experience like with the individual giving the assessment?

5. What parts of the assessment process were culturally sensitive to your individual needs?

6. How did your experience impact your desire to remain in counseling?

7. If you remained in counseling, how did you experience the assessments overall impact on the course of your treatment?

8. What recommendations do you have for improving cultural sensitivity within the counseling assessments process when they are used with persons who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming?

You may be asked to:

 Share about yourself and background. 

Talk about your experience with a counseling assessment and any impact that may, or may not have had, on counseling.

Talk about your opinions regarding how to improve counseling assessments. process. 

No-Harassment Policy

This study promotes respectful treatment of everyone. Harassment will not be tolerated. If someone posts something rude, mean, or harassing the user and all their posts will be deleted. Harassment is anything that speaks down to or shows disrespect toward a person for any reason.   


Nature of the Study: Sharing in this study is your choice and you can ask to leave at any point. If you leave the study, your account and any posts in the focus group room will be gone. If you want to leave the study, please email:

Pros and Cons of Being in this Study: During this focus group you may decide to share about yourself. You may answer research questions, as well as share with other group members. If at any time you feel that you need more help or help, please email Macie Stead:

Pay: There is no pay for being in this study.

Privacy:  Please complete the focus group responses while in a private space to avoid someone else seeing your responses. If done in a public space, you risk others seeing your responses.

Any names, usernames, or emails will be coded for privacy. There are however some limits to this privacy. If you say you want to harm yourself or others, or abuse elderly or children, the researcher will have to report that information to authorities.

No names, usernames, or emails will be kept or used as part of this study. This focus group is for this a dissertation project and may be published. 

You’re Invited to share your experiences with counseling assessments. The goal of this research study is to explore the experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming persons with counseling assessments to improve the assessment experience in counseling. Detailed responses from people like you, can help counselors understand your experiences and improve knowledge about ways to improve cultural sensitivity. 


Who Can Participate: 18+ Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming persons who have had a Counseling Assessment.


Please Follow this Link to Participate:

If you know anyone else who may be interested in sharing their experiences please share the link, Thank you!

Macie and/or Cindy:

Please define “counseling assessment.”



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