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Innovations in SRS / Wired
« on: February 15, 2006, 12:27:54 pm »
hello all,

I am a writer for Wired Magazine and am researching a story about advances in SRS surgery/medicine. Susan recommended I post here and ask the community for insight. I understand that medical advances are just one piece of the puzzle but it is the area where scientific and technological advances can play a part (and thus the Wired angle). From my initial readings and conversations, it seems as if MTF techniques have been well refined and are quite advanced at this point whereas FTM has had a slower evolution. In regards to FTM, I'd like to get an understanding of the different medical approaches and would also be open to hearing who the most innovative doctors are in the field. I'm happy to correspond via email or offline so as not to clutter the board. Thanks in advance for any help!

Joshua Davis

[edit]Susan: I have given my permission for this to be posted here[/edit]
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