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activally looking for a place to meditate


Im not really religious but if I had to pick anyone I respect the teachings of Buddha because out of all the major religions it actively teaches peace from both within and without. That being said i live a bit south of houston and would love to go to a Buddhist temple to maybe learn more and gain a deeper understanding in myself but Im not even sure where to start looking, anyone have any advice? 

Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston
Chung Mei Buddhist Temple
Houston Buddhist Vihara

All of those have good reviews on yelp/facebook; from what I can tell the Vihara is the most focused on teaching and the Chung Mei temple seems the most chill (i.e. that's the one I'd pick first) but you can learn about Buddhism at any of those three. I can't help much aside from a quick Google search, but at least you have options.

thats more or less what I found out myself ok, I'll see if I cant swing by and ask


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