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US Passport Applications Denied/ Delayed?

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Rose City Rose:
Hello all,

I'm writing to ask if anyone has had a recent (last couple of months) application for a gender-amended US passport either turned down or delayed.

Additionally I would like to know if anyone has had successful applications in recent months and when the passport was issued.

I am asking because I now know of a handful of cases where US passport applications are being slowed down or even denied to trans people. It is causing a great deal of concern in my circles and I want to cast the net wider and make sure this isn't happening across the board.

I was fortunate enough to get my passport amended immediately after the election but my girlfriend is only just getting her name and ID stuff sorted. I am extremely worried for her ability to get a passport as I am for the ability of any and all of my friends to get theirs. Any information on negative or positive experiences will be helpful.

Most of the delays have to do with asking for papers that have already been received, or rejecting papers that should meet policy guidelines. The people I have talked to all assumed that it was their fault up until we began comparing notes on this issue. A friend of mine who is emigrating to Ireland due to her concerns about the US government's actions is documenting cases of this happening so we can build a bigger picture of what's going on.

I applied for mine in person at the US embassy in London last April (2017), without any issue. As that was only a 2 year 'transitioning' passport, I'll have to go through the process again next year for a full 10 year version. I hope you get yours sorted, I'd appreciate any updates .

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I just mailed my renewal with name and gender change Last week.  I guess we will see in 4 to 6 weeks.

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I recently (two weeks ago) had mine completed, and did have an initial rejection. I called the number on the paperwork that came back and ended up speaking to the gentleman that sent the initial rejection.

I sent in all of the paperwork, but needed to resend the letter from my physician. It was initially rejected due to it not being on “letterhead”. My physician is part of The University of a Pennsylvania family health system and they do not have letterhead to speak of. However they did ink sign it and print it out with the UPH “letterhead” at the top of the page, which achieved what they were looking for.

Prior to sending in my response, by accident I did have my application reviewed by someone who works for the state department handling passport applications. This was by random accident and she was pretty clear that the standards have not changed in any way.

The key is:

1. Make sure you use DS11 instead of DS89. I had a perfectly valid passport, but since gender is changing you cannot do a renewal. It is an application for a new original passport. This is different than how it used to be and means you do need to go to an acceptance facility and cannot just mail it in. That costs an extra $35. If you are only changing name the you can just do a renewal and supply a certified copy of the court order. If you are changing a gender then it is a new passport application altogether.

2. Get the physicians letter right the first time. I just downloaded the template from the state departments website and filled in the blanks and had my physician sign it. It must be on letterhead and ink signed. The lack of letterhead caused my initial rejection in mid June.

One thing to note is what they did not return to you. If it was not returned or explicitly requested to be furnished, they still have it in a folder on a specific persons desk. If you call the number listed on the letter you received, you will eventually get routed to that same person. This includes photos - I had one photo returned to me and ended up supplying (and paying for) a second set that they ended up not using. Unfortunately some of this does end up being the discretion of specific person who handles your application.

Hope this helps?


I applied for my passport at the end of May.  It arrived last week.  I did have a bit of a problem in that they wanted a different form than the one the agent at the passport office gave me to fill out. Don't know who made the mistake but after getting the form they really wantedsent to them the passport showed up in short order.  I am non-op with little more than HRT and therapy.  I asked for both a name change and the gender marker change.  They did the name change with the first form I sent but not the gender marker until they got the second form.  All I needed for the gender marker change was a declaration that met the criteria listed on the State Department's passport site.  They only require the doctor state that I have undergone "appropriate clinical treatment" and that I am now female.  "Appropriate clinical treatment" is defined by the doctor.

You might consider asking your doctor to give you a letter that meets the criteria even if your girl friend has not finished with everything she wants to get done.  The bar is not very high as far as the State Department or Social Security (same letter works) are concerned. It depends more on what your doctor thinks about the situation. She might be able to get the document changes right away and not have wait till she has finished her transition.

I can get you a copy of the letter I had prepared for my doctor so all she had to do was fill in the blanks for her info after she had it copied onto the offices letterhead. I had her do four copies of the form because it works for SSA and North Carolina's DMV.  Turned out I needed the fourth for the passport form snafu even though they had the one I sent the first time around.  Can you PM me with an email address so I can send it your way?



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