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Orchi types/costs
« on: July 19, 2018, 08:52:57 pm »
At my consultation with a local urologist I was surprised that she considered a basic orchi acceptable for GCS, I was under the impression that the inguinal approach was necessary if I wanted bottom work down the road, but she assured me that docs don't consider it a big deal if done well, including our local surgeon, who's about the only one I'll probably be able to work with anyway, considering my financial outlook.  Are other surgeons blase about this as well?

Is the basic procedure much cheaper?  I've read and talked to people here in Oregon who paid out-of-pocket expenses as low as $100.  My insurance has a cost calculator but it doesn't include orchi, things that seem comparable like "Urinary incontinence repair, inpatient" (for women) all seem to run around $1,500, which makes me think I should just wait a couple of years for GCS - our doc has a very long wait time.  I haven't met my deductible yet, though.  My insurance has a trans friendly caseworker I need to consult about all this stuff, too.
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