Author Topic: Send a Happy Birthday to Susan, help us meet our monthly goal!  (Read 188 times)

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It’s that time of the month where we ask our members to step up and help us reach the monthly goal, and it’s also Susan’s Biological Birthday today.

We are currently 25 days into a 30 day month and have raised a total of $923.99 so far leaving us $1,076.01 below the amount we must have to pay the bills for the month. Ideally, we would like your help in raising a total of $1576.01, which would put $500 in the bank that would help rebuild to our operational buffer which makes up for shortfalls in reaching the monthly donation goal.

So, I ask each of you to consider stepping up and helping Susan have a Happy Birthday by helping us reach our monthly goal. If 43 people donate $25.00, we will have what we need to pay the bills this month without running a deficit. If 63 people do so, we will add $500.00 to the website’s operational buffer!

Many times we have over 1000 people online at a single time, around 17,000 people per day come to this website. If a small portion of them chose to support this site with a $5.00 subscription or donation, I wouldn't be forced to send out these messages each month.

While things may be rough financially for the members of our community, most of us can afford $5.00 a month.

We know many would like help but are unable to due to their financial situations, and we fully understand that if you were able to support the site financially that you would be one of the first to step up and do so! Keep in mind that another way to help is by volunteering.  We have a News team, Forum Moderators, Chat Moderators, Links Staff, Wiki Staff, and Minecraft server staff all of which can use volunteers.

For those who can step up to help the site financially, please consider donating or subscribing, because with your donations or subscriptions we can make a big difference in the lives of a lot of transgender men, women, and children!
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