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My cat's a butt

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So if any of you have a cat, you know they can be little sh*ts. Well mine's always been a good little kitty and just love giving me nuzzles, but sometimes he just runs and jumps around and gets into literally everything. And he's doing that right now and I'm just like, 'Son, child, plz shtap,' but he's all like, 'lol nah.'
*Exhales deeply* BOI.😑😐😠

Try having three.  Larry, Darrell and his other brother Darrell are as different as the seasons, but all share the trait of being butts at times.

Hugs, Jessica

The struggle is real.😔

I am friendly with a couple of neighbourhood cats, especially one I think is called Debbie.  When it sees me, it walks up to me and I stroke it, then it rolls on its back so I can tickle its belly.  I have to be alert, though, because when it has had enough, it sinks its teeth and claws into my hand, drawing blood, unless I pull my hand away quickly enough.

It used to try entering my home (it succeeded on a couple of occasions) but I never deliberately let it in, as I don't want it to think it has another home.  After a while, it got fed up of the repeated snubs.  When it saw me in the street, it would walk towards me in its usual fiendly way but when it got close it would do a 90 degree turn and cross the road to its own house, as if to say "I don't need you, I already have a home."  It seems to have forgiven me now, though, so I am back to having to pull my hand away quickly.

Maybe you should take it in, unless you have a dog or something.


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