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Danielle Kristina:
Ham operators are a small fraction of the general population, so I’d be surprised if there were many of us in the transgender community, but I’ve been licensed since 1998 and still get on the air today.  Anyone else on Susan’s licensed hams?  If so, then 73 and good DX.  If not, then warm hugs!!!


I am, just a basic technician license.  I generally stick to the 2M band and really am not as active as I ought to be.

I am as well.  Amateur Extra, VE with both ARRL and W5YI, and an instructor for local licensing courses.

I am, alas, a condo dweller, which limits antenna deployment a bit.  I am currently using a magnetic loop antenna on the apartment balcony.

Danielle Kristina:
Awesome!  I’ve been a licensed since 1998 and a General since 2000.  I was running HF until my antenna came down.  Hopefully soon I’ll get another one out back up.  Until then I’m on VHF/UHF.  I love all my radio bands, but I’m definitely an HF’er when my station is up and running.

Steph Eigen:


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