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TLC Lost in Transition


Alexa Ares:
If you have sky or virgin, i would recommend you watch this compelling 9 part reality show.
My cis gender wife and my trans self both found this show to be relatable and as tv goes pretty well
Put together and fair on the protagonists.

That there are Cis / Trans female couples and the trans women in question are all married makes this show a bit unique.... Alot of what is out there is young glamour trans women and divorced trans women.
Its touching and helpful to see married couples making the marriage work or at least trying to
The love of 2 of the Cis partbers for thier Trans Husband is very touching and made me cry.... Their depth and compassion.

Watch this if you can!

In the USA it can also be watched online. Not sure if it can be seen online in the UK.

Yes I have seen the shows. Very interesting indeed.


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