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Please help us meet the monthly goal
« on: August 01, 2018, 12:36:15 am »
It's that time of the month again when we remind the members and visitors to the site that we cannot continue to provide this site, and all the support resources it contains without your help.

It is 25 days into a 31 day month, and so far we have raised a total of $1007.65 out of the $2,000 we have to receive each month just to pay the bills. This leaves us a total of $992.35 short for the month.

Ideally we would like to raise a total of $1482.35, which would put $500 in the bank that would go to make up the shortfalls that have been eroding the operating buffer I work so hard to build up each year.

To Achieve this end Michelle_P has offered to match donations up to a total of $500 for the rest of July 2018.  "That is, I am putting down $500 and will contribute $1 for every $1 donated to the site for the rest of the month."

This year we are already short $872.93, not counting the shortfall for this month, which comes out of my personal portion of the monthly goal, so if you can step up and help we need you to do so.

If 40 people will step up and donate $25.00, we will be able to pay the bills for the coming month. If 660 people do so, we will reach the goal plus be able to add $500.00 which would go towards making up for the $525.75 shortfall we are running so far this year.

I simply cannot accept such extreme cuts in my portion of the monthly goal in order to provide the site mostly on my own. Many times we have over 1,000 people online at a single time, around 17,000 people per day. If a small portion of them would choose to support this site with a $5.00 subscription or donation, I wouldn't be forced to send out these messages.

While things may get rough financially for members of our community most of us can afford $5.00 a month.

We know there are many who would like help, to but are unable to due to their personal situations, and we fully understand that if you were able to support the site financially that you would be one of the first to step up and do so! Keep in mind that another way to help is by volunteering. We have a News team, Forum Moderators, Chat Moderators, Links Staff, and Wiki Staff, all of which can use volunteers.

For those who can step up to help the site financially please consider donating or subscribing, because with your donations or subscriptions we are able make the difference in the lives of a lot of transgender men, women, and children.
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