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Makeup beginner in need of guidance

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Danielle Kristina:
Ok girls, I need some makeup help.  I want to start wearing makeup, but have no makeup skills whatsoever.  What should I start with and where can I go to learn?  I don’t have any female friends or relatives to help me, so I’m on my own here.  I’ve worn lipstick before, but even then I didn’t know what I was doing as my lips don’t look nearly as colored or big as other girls since they know what they are doing and I don’t.  I know I won’t build up my skills in one day, but I’d like to make a good start.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Laurie K:
 Hi, as always.... just my opinions.... first .... female skin is a bit different than ours so makeup techniques may differ slightly..... more hair bigger pores and softer texture..... my basic makeup routine is a very close shave.... face primer then if yu have dark facial hair a light cover of light brown or orange on beard area ( i dont need any more electro fixed that)......That will hide blue tinge in photos......then foundation that matches yur skin tone.....i put over everything ... make a clean canvas.... then eyeliner on the waterline of bottom lash....mascara....and blush....   .the lips... use what works..... I used a wand at first but now use a tube  a wand helped in the beginning... but find a tube is more convenient now.... apply and spread with lips... and use a sealer..... watch youtube for ideas and tips ..... and a lot of practice..... you will get there..... simple everyday look

Main rule is; Less is more!

And again...LESS IS MORE....

My day make-up is; CC foundation/cream, powder, a little bit of blush, eyebrows drawn, mascara, nude/light red lipstick and a very faint line to lower eyelid. Takes about 20 minutes.

But everything that I use, I keep in mind, that less is more!

youtube is your friend and you can search 'mtf makeup tips' and you will find some help. There are many makeup howto videos.

Danielle Kristina:
Thank you girls.  My next trip to the store will be a hunt for the makeup essentials.  Then I’ll spend some quality time with YouTube.


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