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Your funny names for genitals.

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We never had names other than clinical terms or just 'bits' 'private parts'

Recently I've considered 'Mr Wong' as opposed to 'Mr Wight'


--- Quote from: Julia1996 on August 18, 2018, 07:32:14 am ---Hi everyone. Please share some funny names you've heard to describe genitals. But nothing nasty that will violate forum rules. Here are the ones I've heard.

Tristan's mom calls a vagina a "mimzey". Lol. The first time I heard her use mimzey I died laughing.
Tristan calls his Mr.happy his "donger". And he calls getting an erection " cracking a fat". I find a lot of Aussie slang hilarious.
And finally my dad cracked me up right before they wheeled me into surgery. That wasn't his intent though, he was being quite serious. He was trying to comfort me so I wouldn't be scared and he was telling me the surgery would be fine and after my "cookie"  healed I could put it all behind me. I was like, " my what "?? He said " your cookie", and he was being so serious! Cookie!  Lol. that cracked me up!

So, please share your funny names for genitals. But again, please nothing nasty. I don't want the moderators showing up at my house with tar and feathers.

--- End quote ---
Hi Julia,
              In Australia Map of Tasmania is a fairly common expression.
 Also if a man cultivates the right manners and chivalry a nice lady my give him the,  "verticle smile"

 Yours truly, Kirsten.

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