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Transgender students asked Betsy DeVos for help. Here's what happened.

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by Caitlin Emma/  Politico

I guess the lessons of Brown vs the board of education of Topeka Kansas is lost on folks in certain parts of the country and political parties. They must love Plessy vs Ferguson.

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You are right, and they want to take up back 60+ years.  Ask me again why I live abroad!

I am completely amazed by the retrogressiveness of this administration. My heart goes out to
all transgender students who have to deal with substandard treatment. This is a civil rights struggle.
To me, I think it's a total reversal and it's up to each of us to support. I think the only way to go is
basically do what the real civil rights leaders have done like Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

How is it that this inequality and injustice is allowed? The conservative dialogue going on right now about
this is so deceptive. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Now it's you're guilty transgender,
can't use the bathroom?

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