Author Topic: Thanks to all who supported this site in August  (Read 170 times)

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Thanks to all who supported this site in August
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:12:05 am »
Monthly Donor MVP! tava (x2)

Other donors: Alexa Ares, amsj42, Annie Van Ost, awilliams1701, barbara1962, BleedingRaindrops, CandyFreedom, CaptFido87, CrookedHanger, Dani, Denise, DianaDays, Donean, Donica, dusty97, dustydan, ErinWDK, fgsb, Georgette, Gillian kim, HappyMoni, I_Am_Hazel, Jennifer.L, Josefa, JulieAllana, JulieOnHerWay, KathyLauren, Katie Again, KatieP, Katiepie, Kendra Akin, lavish staircase, Liina, LoriLorenz, Lorna, Marcia, Mattie02, Nina_NYC, PollyQMcLovely, Roberta W, Sarah1979, SarahM777, SnoBrittany, StephanieSoCal, Stevi, suchatallgirl, Tailers lover, Toni213, wholeself94, and 6 anonymous donors

This month was a bad one! We were a total of $715.64 below what was needed to pay the monthly bills. Bringing our running shortfall to $1,004.05 over the 8 months so far this year. If anyone is able to help us make it up it would be a huge help!
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