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I don't exactly know where to ask this, but I hope there is someone here in a similar situation.
I'm almost 19, and I'm almost done with transition, I have a physical in a few weeks with my first PCP as an adult. Can someone tell me what it will be like, or what will happen, or what to do?

amrisa loftus:
I don't know if you have run in to this question yet. They'll ask you when was your last period. I love it. The last I was asked, The nurse was gone for like 15-20 minutes trying to figure out why I haven't had a period yet and if it was in my medical history. I haven't had my gender marker changed yet. I was tying my best not to giggle at this situation. When she came back I explain I was trans and she had a good laugh at it all. She was also like, should have looked at the chart a little bit more closely.
Hopefully they'll treat you with respect and understanding. Also have some knowledge about how the transwoman develops during her puberty.


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