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Hi peeps. I often see confused postings on frustration with jobs. I know what you mean. Been there, done that. Worked retail for five years than caught a break and it lead to a great career. Since those initial five years I have worked in Aerospace, from the space shuttle, to F18, to the 787, to helicopter engines with Garrett.
The point I am making is that do you want to run the rat race in retail / customer service? Where you compete with millions of other people who just want a job and have the same qualifications as you. Low paying, low satisfaction jobs. Yes some folks can thrive in these positions but the majority get burned out pretty quickly. I know all it took for me was one Christmas in the toy department at Kmart.
The thing you need to do is set yourself apart from the crowd. What can you do to improve time, profits, product etc. Without an education the prospects are bleak. Even with forty years experience if you don't have that paper you will never advance to management and higher paying jobs.
Ok, you can't afford an education. But can you afford a couple hours a week to earn a certification? The classes are free but certification may include a small fee. Average cost for a year at MIT is over $70,000... $23,000 with student aid.  If so. I have the program for you. I have taken several courses and they are the same ones taught on campus but they are FREE.

The place is MITx as in Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online.  Classes in Entrepreneurship, programming, electronics, supply chain analysis and many others.
Want to avoid job discrimination?  Set yourself apart from the rest. Many jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home and it doesn't matter what you wear. Show you have what it takes to earn your position. Believe me if you make a difference with the bottom line you could wear a gorilla costume and nobody would care.
I so want you all to succeed. To be the best you can be and realize your potential. This is one way to start. Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity.   Did I say it was FREE and ONLINE. From one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Make your brain and abilities be the decider not your gender identity. 
I hope you at least look into it.   

Thanks Dawn, this is a great suggestion!

Education can help, if it’s in certain areas. Lots of college graduates compete for the low end jobs too. The best I can advise is find the intersection where your talents and interests intersect with what will get you a job and also realize it’s not a 20, 30 or 40 year plan. You’ll be changing careers and jobs at some point so keep up to date. I made the mistake of getting a masters degree in Informaton systems when a certification would have done more in the field I’m in. Age factors in too. It’s one of the last demographics to beat discrimination.

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Keep in mind many X type free courses are not transferable to a 4 year institution.

 But, you can go to your interview and declare you are certified by MIT in say Six Sigma, or Quantum Physics and know that you have been certified by one of the best higher education institutes in the country and your employer will take that into consideration. You may not get a management position but you may get qualified for your employer to pay for the rest of your education. Places like Boeing will allow you to study anywhere and will pay for it, if you pass.


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