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Hi All! I thought I would share a game we all used to play back in the day. You've probably heard of this one before.
The object of the game is to post a line in a scene of a movie and the rest of use have to guess the movie. I'm not sure how this will work but what if the person that guesses the movie gets to pick the next line? Sound like fun? Ok, I'll go first.
FP = First person
SP = Second person

FP: Pest!??? Pest!???
SP: Ya, you have a hell of an infestation.
FP: I've noticed an infestation around here. Barely conscious, unevolved pond scum, scurrying about their insignificant, pointless lives.
SP: Don't you want to get rid of them?
FP: In the worst way.

Ok, guess the movie

Men In Black

..and don't call me Shirley

Oh dear? Should I have called this "Guess The Movie Line 2.0"?

Up next: "Move on over good buddy! Lets introduce them to the boy!"

Having a hard time with this one are we? Ok. How about a hint. It was Jerry Reed's line.

I love these kind of games.

The Jerry Reed clue. It has to be Smokey and the Bandit (Burt Reynolds fresh on the mind). Which one it was I don't know. My grandfather loved the 3 of them and showed them to me countless times. Great memories.

My Turn (I hope).

An easy one: "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads".


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