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Research project from a school student


I have request from a year 12 student in Australia (16-17 yrs)who is doing a project as part of their term study on perceived causes of being transgender, biological or social issues. I have worked with this person to try and knock it into some shape that isn't too offensive but it is still pretty rough and naive. 

I am not going to put it on the Forum for those reasons.

If there are people who would be willing to fill this survey in please PM me and I will send it to you with the knowledge that it is pretty rough and some may find some of the questions surprising and possibly a little offensive in naivety. I was willing to help as this young person seemed very keen to understand issues that the community have while coming from a family that is phobic to LGBTIQA people


         You can PM a link to me Cindy am forever curious what others are doing in terms of questionnaires and polls.

Have a custom copy of a VBulletin linked, php based UCCASS (pronounced yoo-kas) system I've been playing with . . . "that, originally designed for the government, is intended to automate the Command Climate Assessment surveys that unit commanders are required to give but it can also be [modified] for general purpose surveys and polls."

Perhaps a better method for this person to understand our issues would be reading and observing, as opposed to asking a series of offensive and naive questions. As the old saying goes, "Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt."

Thanks for not posting it.

Is that the one by a girl named Jen? I've done it, made me feel like a path experiment - I've done 2 others on the same topic written by guys, both were respectful and well written.

We have had about 6 participants. If anyone else is interested PM me.


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