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Hi All...

Untitled by Ashley Campbell, on Flickr
Two years ago today..

I hope all is well... Those of you who have seen my posts in the past may have seen me offering the concept to transitioners and all those that struggle with lifes challenges that "amazing, wonderful and unexpected discoveries await...

i hold this day up as example of this... Today is my second wedding anniversary... My husband and i are celebrating two blessed years and are giddy with excitement over our upcoming status as granparents!

if anyone had told me six years ago, that I would be married to a man, after a half century of relationships with women... much less a grandmother?... i would have laughed... Our lives can take some beautiful and unexpected turns so please... Leave yourself open to all the places that your lives can take you... Live Life, Love Life...

Now, I am off to enjoy the day... We are going to have a nice celebration out tonight... I am going to wear my new Betsey Johnson floral dress!

Untitled by Ashley Campbell, on Flickr

Onward we go...

Ashley  :)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Ashley:   
Thank you for posting your wonderful love story.
Yes indeed, as the title of your thread says...  "Amazing Discoveries..."

Congratulations on your 2 year wedding anniversary... wishing you many more to come.
As always, I enjoy your posts around the various threads and your pictures are always a treat to view.

Hugs and well wishes,

Jennifer M:
WOW! You are really an inspiration. Love your shoes in the first picture and the dresses in both. Transitioning is still a dream for me at this point, but I hope to get a fraction of the blessings you have had in yours.


You are a beautiful lady. I'm so happy to see others getting a full slice of happiness from life after transition. Mine has just begun in my early 50s but ladies like you give me inspiration. That is such a cute dress. I would love to be able to pull something like that off. My new devotion to diet and exercise is going to get me there someday. Have a wonderful time. Love and faith.


You give me hope sweetie. I just hope that I can feel even a tenth of the happiness you so obviously do. :)
Happy anniversary!


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