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« on: September 29, 2018, 11:02:44 am »
Home-Made Exfoliating Leg/Body Scrub:

If like me, you dream of having super-smooth legs, here's a few pointers along the way...

Recently, I ran a little experiment using lemon juice & sugar to conjure up a home-made exfoliating scrub and the results were quite effective.


1. A lemon
2. Sugar grains of any kind ... white / brown
3. Knife
4. Multi-blade razor
5. Moisturizer Cream

The Process:

1. Drop a few teaspoonfuls of sugar into a bowl, then cut the lemon and squeeze the juice on top of it. The sugar in the lemon juice will create just the right amount of graininess for the job. Mix well, then start exfoliating.

2. For legs, start at the ankles making slow circling motions with your fingertips, rubbing the scrub onto your skin.

Work your way slowly up to the top. This should remove dead skin before shaving. [As the leg scrub went so well, I continued up my body and covered most of it.]

3. Rinse off with lukewarm water, you may want to add some shower gel to make sure the scrub & any remaining dead skin are washed away.

4. Then start shaving your legs. Use plenty of shaving foam & go slowly, again from ankle....

To thigh...

5. Moisturize your legs, spreading the cream all over. Better to do this with damp legs [but not soaking wet] as the water will help seal the moisturizer into your skin.

*** One word of warning about lemon juice: don't go out in sunlight immediately after applying to the skin, as like any citrius substance, it can cause sunburn. ***

The results should be the kind of super-smooth legs you see on women who take care of theirs and love to show them off in short skirts, hot-pants or bikinis. I didn't think exfoliating was worth the extra bother before this, but now I'll make it part of my weekly routine. Get your leg-care on girls ;-)