Author Topic: Thanks to all who supported this site in September!  (Read 294 times)

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Thanks to all who supported this site in September!
« on: October 01, 2018, 01:46:12 am »
Monthly Donor MVP! 3 people tied for the MVP last month. Leslie601 (x2), Sarah1972 (x3), and Tavia (x2)

I want to personally give a big thank you to everyone who supported the site during the month!

Other donors: Alice V, amsj42, Annie Van Ost, Autrement, awilliams1701, BleedingRaindrops, CandyFreedom, CaptFido87, Carolina, Chloe_freebird, Coffeedrew, Dani, Danni98, davina61, Denise, Devlyn, DianaDays, Donica, Drexy/Drex, DustKitten, dusty97, dustydan, Emma1017, EvaB, Georgette, Georgie (X2), GordonG, HappyMoni (X2), herekitten, JanePlain, Jennifer.L, Jessica, Johnni Gyrl, Josefa, julia-madrid, JulieAllana, JulieOnHerWay, justChloe, KathyLauren (X2), Katie Again, KatieP, Katiepie, Kendra Akin, Laurie, LoriLorenz, Marcia, melanie_uk2, Michelle_P, Mx Pippa, Nicole70, nikkiannukts, Nina_NYC, OCTrisha, Patty_M, Perry, Pete F, PollyQMcLovely, Quinn, Rachel, randim, SaraDanielle, Sarah1979 (X2), SarahM777, Shambles, Shams_Ibtisam, SiobhánF, Sonja, stacie1970, Steph2.0, Stevi, suchatallgirl, Susan Baum, Tailers lover, Tatiana 79, Toni213, valerie anne, Veronica A, VickyS, Violets, wholeself94,  and 6 anonymous donors

This month was sorely needed!

We are now a total of $498.79 above the annual donation goal for the year which will come in handy during the slow period between January and May.

We received a total of $3,502.48 in donations last month. This was the $2,500 monthly goal, plus the $1,000 (-$1004.05) we were below for the year.

Thank you all so much for stepping up to the plate and helping!
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