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I wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations for networking with other transgender legal professionals, particularly in the SoCal area (I am an attorney, but am mostly working in another role at the moment; looking to see if there is a reasonable shot at either a government job, starting a practice or joining a small firm).

I am thinking of settling in the Long Beach area, but my wife is still a bit unsure at the moment. In any case, it would be great to meet other people!

I work with the local govt in LA in family law, I will keep my eyes peeled out for you and post what I see in LA and orange county.  I'm not out, but regardless I'll keep my feelers out.

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Try Linked In.

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--- Quote from: Gertrude on October 11, 2018, 08:57:15 pm ---Try Linked In.

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I am on there, but closeted as far as job search and most things except my immediate family--is there a certain group I should think of looking for on there?

Out women in business
Out & equal LGBTQ career
Transgender employment
LGBT friendly professional network

Are a few. Search LGBT in groups.

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