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anyone watched this , just started on +1 so will see what its like, about a young boy trans gendering 

Charlotte F:
I just watched it and was pleasantly surprised.  It doesn't seem to be the normal format for such programs and seems to be more focussed on the psychological and family impact which I thought was refreshing - especially for an ITV series

Of course there are certain bits that I think might be a little 'optimistic' like the instant access to a GIC that looks like it's coming in the next episode but I guess they feel the need to exercise a bit of artistic license to give the program wider appeal

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the series progresses

I thought it was really enjoyable.  The acting from Anna Friel was really great.

It did have a couple of cringeworthy moments but did get me in tears a couple of times.  Especially when she was confronted by the bullies and her sister denied that she was her brother and then afterwards told her that she said that because she sees her as her sister.

My wife watched the first episode with me, refused to watch the 2nd and just the 1st 15 mins of the third saying it was <not allowed>, but she hates everything trans.

I thought there was so much material that they could have done a lot more than 3 episodes, but I guess the general public might have got bored...

A link? Do not see this on google all I get is a late 70's bored housewife who is deciding whether to cheat on husband or not?



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