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Anyone watching any really good scary movies for October?

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Around this time of the year I tend to start watching a lot more scary movies and ghost show, any of  you ladies into watching the scary stuff at night?   What are some of your favorite scary/horror movies to cuddle up with someone and watch?   I'm looking forward to the new Halloween movie, Jaime Lee Curtis looks great handling that shotgun.


I only watch scary movies when I have someone there to keep me company and right now i don't. So, no scary movies for me!

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Paul Muad-Dib:
I wanted to watch all the Alien franchise movies again, as my favorite sci-fi/horror franchise but I got to the third one and decided I'd just stick with those 3.

It was in November, but I watched "The Witch" (2015) for the first time.

Very disturbing, scary film. But let down by the ending. Still, the atmosphere up to that point made it worthwhile.


I think I binged watched a load of found footage films lol, some where actually pretty decent.
Others... Not so much.
There were a couple that where a case of 'This is two hours of my life I'm never getting back'.
Still fun though lol.


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