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I just wish I could do more. Feeling alone never helps.

Do you live anywhere near London, by the way? It has a pretty sizable Japanese community, and there might be a very slight chance someone is in or has at some time experienced a similar situation. It would be a very long shot, but the people at the Japan Society are very nice—or at least were when I last transacted with them—and whilst it would be not at all in their field they do have a pretty wide social network and so might just possibly know of some local resources.

Alice Skye:
I live in the northeast... we've got a really big Japanese community here and they're all gossips. I would only trust one of them to keep things quiet. I am tempted to encourage my wife to confide in her for support but I think at the moment my wife is deeply embarrassed about me.

Tonight I was talking to her about the need to see the doctor for some medication to control my mood swings that are beginning to resemble bipolar. She can cope with bipolar, it gives her something to latch on to when we are talking and I think she is blaming the mood swings for the dysphoria when it is the other way round.

Thank you for your help and concern.



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