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Starting to draw later in life

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Need to say I’m not religious. But I was while psychotic. I guess that’s why there are so many crosses.

Have not been drawing for 7 years. I lost the ability when they put me on meds. It’s my analytic side of the brain trying to do a picture instead of emotional side of the brain.


Those are fantastic. I'm a big fan of spooky, abstract art. With Hieronymous Bosch being one of my favorite painters.

In a weird way, I think I'm finally in a similar headspace I was in as a kid, so maybe waiting until now was the best thing for me. Maybe starting antidepressants and other medications killed my creativity as a teen.

I guess I am religious, but I don't get bent out of shape about it. Crosses can have plenty of meanings and I actually think they're a bit idolatrous and depressing, given what they were used for.

Alright! I've got some free time today, so it's time to give it a shot. Thank you, and if you have any more art to share, I'll gladly check it out.


--- Quote from: MeTony on October 21, 2018, 10:10:01 pm ---I chose 6 pictures. I have them on facebook.


--- End quote ---

Wow, those are fascinating! Very beautiful yet creepy at the same time. I know what you mean by certain meds killing your creativity..... Its a shame that something that's supposed to help you can have such bad side effects.

Maid Marion:
Thanks for sharing, they are really quite good.

Haley Conner:
I've drawn all my life, but I'd like to give you some advice anyway.  As well as studying form and shading and all that, you should spend time "scribbling" or "doodling", because an important part of drawing is that connection between your brain and your eye and your hand.  Just lines and rows of lines, and convergences of lines, curved, straight, crosshatched, whatever.  Do a few pages worth.  Then do some forms and try to shade them along their tangents, remembering the loose feeling you had when you were scribbling.  I hope that helps.  And what I mean by along their tangents is, try not to shade at an obtuse angle, and follow the forms you are shading.


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