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Eyebrow Shaping Methods

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Just looked at a youtube video about threading eyebrows.  Who decides that the eyebrows should look like this?  I though the outcome created a very artificial look of the brows.  But I was all my life a little rebellious about things I was supposed to do because society thought it was the way to be.
I think my naturally grown eyebrows look better and are more attractive that that what was the end result of this threading!

Angela H:
I get my eyebrows threaded once a month. It’s very affordable (10-20 dollars). They say you’re supposed to do it every two weeks, but I don’t mind a couple stray hairs

I was surprised to read that not very many here go for threading; it’s really popular in my city. Honestly, there’s a lot more places to go to for threading than waxing. I’ve never had any ingrowns thank goodness and, to me, it hurts less than waxing

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If you want to try different shapes there are templates available. You might try using this drag queen method for camouflaging your eyebrows.\

Play around a little before you get them trimmed. The camouflage allows you to try that. Electrolysis would probably be the best way if you didn't want to maintain them all the time.

Threading is the best.....your eyebrows will be flawless

I pluck carefully.

My wife gets hers threaded and they look really good.



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