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Eyebrow Shaping Methods

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I get mine waxed.  It seems to work well. 

I haven't been able to do plucking.  I can't see the individual hairs well enough to pluck without my glasses.  And glasses get in the way.  Plus, I tend not to notice the regrowth until they are back to full male configuration.  Then it's like, oh, darn, I guess they grew back while I wasn't looking.

I have seen threading done, though I haven't had it done on me.  It looks like it would prolong the agony.  At least waxing is quick.

Thanks for the answers.  When I hear all this about self torture, I'd rather see what my young female friend (my transition fashion consultant) thinks about my brows!  May be they are good enough the way they are.

By the way, did I ever mention that my pubic hair is very considerate and grows by itself in a type of a bikini trim?  Not that anybody would ever want to see me in a bikini, but at least my hair style down there is right for it!

I did electrolysis, once and done. My tech told me threading was bad, that it could cause ingrown hairs.

I did electrolysis on my eyebrows and my eyebrows are shaped permanently well. A

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Hi there, funny that I was going to do a YT video about this soon but here it goes; plucking is great - it's like waxing but a bit more time consuming. Waxing is my favourite method as (depending how good the person who is doing the job) it's clean, fast, and can give the eyebrows a better shape. With plucking there is the risk of thinning the eyebrows too much.
Threading is a bit more painful and last longer; seen it but never done it. Like I said; I prefer waxing.

The problem with waxing is that you have to continuously go to the professional to keep it clean and in shape or have scheduled session and commit to it. You can always touch up with tweezers at home.

Hope this helps.


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