Author Topic: Thanks to all who supported this site in October!  (Read 176 times)

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Thanks to all who supported this site in October!
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:53:12 am »
Our Monthly Donor MVP for October!: Sarah1979!

I want to personally give a big thank you to everyone who supported the site during the month!

Other donors:

Devlyn, tava, Stevi (x2), davina61, HappyMoni (x2), NancyBalik, KathyLauren (x2), Athenajacob, Jamie Lynn McCarthy, JulieOnHerWay, sarahc, pamelatransuk, Carolina, Dani, dusty97, Laurie, Rachel, randim, SarahM777, scienceman1969, Susan Baum, Jessica_K, AutumnGurl81, Donica, Katiepie, Denise, JulieAllana, Kendra Akin, Lisa_K, Nina_NYC, Dorit, SteffN, Veronica A, amsj42, Annie Van Ost, Atomic Brunette, awilliams1701, CaptFido87, DianaDays, Dietlind, Josefa, Marcia, Randi, suchatallgirl, Tailers lover, TaraQ, Toni213, Katie Again, Angela H, BleedingRaindrops, Georgette, Gvilleman, Jennifer.L, Moonflower, PollyQMcLovely, SaraDanielle, wholeself94, LoriLorenz, and 4 anonymous donors

Due to a $499.32 shortfall this month, we are now a total of 53 cents below the annual donation goal for the year. :( In October, we received a total of $1500.68 in donations. This unfortunately leaves us short of paying the monthly bills by $500.00 which had to be taken out of our emergency funds, and short $999.32 from putting an extra $500.00 in the bank for the slow times that are fast approaching.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to the plate and helped us provide support to our community!
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