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What is your favorite makeup item?

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What is your favorite makeup item?  Okay, you do not have to narrow this to just one item.
You can also mention other beauty products, such as creams, cleansers and exfoliants, but I will stick to makeup.

I enjoy lipstick.  I go for the natural daytime look rather than a party look. 
I prefer the lighter shades because they are more appealing to me for my lips than the darker shades.

I do always start the day with a clean face, and then I moisturize it. 

Lipstick is easy to put on, no fuss.


I am heading out this morning to a medical appointment and I will wear my basic makeup...Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara and lippy...the rest I can live without...maybe some BB cream if I am too lazy to put on proper foundation...I have to say I don't usually get glammed up to go to the hospital.... :laugh:

Take care


I noticed that some lip balm is actually tinted like lipstick, not simply flavored.
That is nice.


Mine is false eyelashes. It is magical.


Eyebrow spoolie - because I can comb and shape my eyebrows and then brush my eyelashes (long naturally) up and give them some curl.



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