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Do you ever play with your hair?

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--- Quote from: Lisa_K on October 31, 2018, 09:13:21 pm ---Haha! When do I not play with my hair? It's is annoying sometimes. I used to fiddle with it as a nervous habit but I mostly broke myself of that in my 20's but still catch myself doing it occasionally. I tend to do it more when flirting with or chatting up a guy and it's intentional sometimes but most of the time, it's kind of an unconscious thing but I try to remain aware of it.

At the neighborhood pub where I hang out, there's two guys and a couple girls I know that seem to want to play with my hair more than I do but I really don't mind that a bit. A girl friend I hang out with sometimes will not keep her hands off her hair as a nervous habit and it's annoying as hell and I try to at least not be as obnoxious as she is about it.

Picture on the left is the same color, what it looked like and is the same length it was when I was 13 and still known as a he/him/it. It was down to my waist when I graduated high school but I cut it off about to the length it is now shortly after. Both of these pictures were taken earlier this month and the color is a little off in both of them. It's never been more than maybe 3" shorter than this.

There's kind of a thing about older women and long hair but I really don't care. I'll be 64 in two months and as long as it keeps growing and is healthy, I'll keep letting it get longer again. With all the <not allowed> I've put it through in the last 50+ years, it's a wonder I've even got any left but I'm not complaining! It's one of my best features. Sue me if I play with it from time to time!  :)

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I love older women with long hair. I love older women still basking in their femininity. I'm just about to turn 50 & I would kill for hair like that - especially the wavy look. After growing my hair for a year its getting down to the back of my neck & quite wavy & yes I'm starting to play with it!

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I don't play with it as a habit or a fidget.

I do fiddle with it with intent, though.  I frequently need to sweep my bangs out of my eyes, tuck it behind my ears, or smooth the back.  When I get into the car, I check it in the mirror.  And, of course, I check it in every mirror I walk by. ;)

My wife says I do but it's just to get it out of the way of my face, pursue  straps,  coat or what have you.

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           Apparently if your 16 it's ok otherwise it's "for CS stop it! Your NOT a child"! If hair is long fussing with it just seems to come with the territory . . . and then there's those toxic people who make ya nervous and just can't seem to look the other way!

Wrapping pony-tail too high on back of head is another no-no "biggie"  :police: And for some reason tucking up under a cap only makes one look more girlish.  ;)

I say if ya have really nice hair then FLAUNT IT! At least that's what my truck driving 30 something young boss said . . . now why would he even mention it?  ???

Allison S:
I used to always have my fingers in my hair because it was new to me. Now that it's gotten a bit longer (still not completely at my shoulders yet though), I sort of see it as a blanket for my head. I will sometimes grab one of the wavy strands and maybe fiddle with it a bit, but I really try to avoid doing that even because it causes frizz for me. I actually tell people to touch my hair or run their fingers through it because it's soft and fluffy lol

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