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I had a cricoid thyroid subluxation 12/2017. It raised my voice from 135 Hz to 175 HZ. My range was 175 to 190 HZ.

I then had a glottoplasty on May 15, 2018. I am almost 6 months post op. My pitch is 275 HZ and hoarse and have low vocal power. I do not sound male. My vocal power is improving slowly. I think the hoarseness has improves very little in the past 30 days.

I saw the doctor a week ago and he said that he could take down the web a little in the office if the hz does not come down by itself. It was in the 360 hz range a few months ago. He said the hoarseness will improve over the next 6 months.

Next week I will have a 24 hour acid reflux test by real time monitoring as I do my normal routine. It will show if the growth in my one vocal fold is from reflux or from healing. If from healing he will remove it in the office.

I believe the growth behind the one vocal fold is causing the distortion in the vocal fold and causing the hoarse voice.

If the vocal fold distortion from the growth is removed I believe the hoarseness will go away. I believe the HZ will most likely end up at 250HZ May 2019. When the voice hoarseness is gone then I believe I will have  increased vocal strength.

My web is high and I estimate it to be 60%. The web looks beautiful as does the work.

Lessons learned for me is patience. Also, the doctor I am going to is very good and I trust him. Lastly he has my best interest at heart and wants a great outcome. He told me that if he made the web lower then he could not adjust the patch higher in a year when my voice settles and he can adjust the web lower in his office if I want that in the future.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Rachel:
Very interesting update regarding your trials and tribulations with your voice pitch, hoarseness, GURD Acid Reflux, and other matters pertaining to achieving your goal of a convincing female voice....

Please, if you feel so led, to keep us all updated with your healing and your voice progess.
Thank you for your update and for posting your thoughts.   

Hugs and as always, well wishes for you.

Considering all the stress this has put you through Rach, do you feel it was worth it? Do you wish you hadn't done either surgery? It scares the hell out of me, and I've had my share of surgeries.

Hello Danielle, I will definitely share my experience and outcome and thank you for the kind words.

Monica, FYI, I definitely voted :)

I have thought of this many times. Would I do it again?

 I wonder what the outcome would have been if I kept my scheduled glottoplasty with Dr. Haban?

 I never would have been able to afford Dr. Sataloff if he was not in network and the hospital in network and covered by insurance. The cricoid thyroid subluxation was reimbursed $62,000 and the glottoplasty $74,000.

Should I have gone to Dr. Kim and paid $12,000 and visited Korea?

I think if a patient had a good outcome then it does not matter who they went to for the surgery. If a person has a bad outcome then the surgeon is at fault and if it is mixed results then the surgeon is not that good. The reality is there are many factors and age and past smoking may have played a part.

I need to give the operation one year to fully heal and I need to find out if I have reflux ( I am on meds for it) or just a healing issue that can solve the problem.

I am lucky to have the experience and know how vocally impaired people are treated. I am positive I will have a good outcome. Sometimes the path to success is not a straight line.

To answer your question if I am to wish I wish I had a good outcome. If I had known the outcomes of these two surgeries then I would only choose Dr. Kim. However, I have heard that he has had bad outcomes too.

Vocal surgery for me was the icing on the cake. It was the last of all the surgeries and the opening door to being just any other girl...........

I cannot over state this. If someone is happy being a trans person in the eyes of the world then good for them. TO me I just wanted to be a girl...........


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