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I keep setting dates for me to come out but I always break it

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If you have someone you can trust and share with then tell them your goal. Make a plan of who or how you will come out to different people. I had a certain order that made sense to me with some people I could trust and were easy to talk to first. Others choose to do it in a mass way like Facebook. Set dates and write them down. For me, the key was to go back to that person I initially told and I shared my goal, timeline, and plan with them. Sharing made it harder to put it off. 

Ultimately, do what works for you. :)

It's all a matter of coming out slowly, but surely.

I started by coming out to friends that I knew were accepting of trans people or just those who love me unconditionally. That small group of people can really give you a burst of confidence when coming out. With parents and family, it is a little bit harder since you are bound by blood but if they really do love you, they will still support you, even if it takes them a while to come around.

What I've done to cope and have a good support system is have a group of people I refer to as my "chosen family" and go to them for help and advice.


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