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Macbeth! : Somthing wicked this way comes...
« on: January 04, 2008, 11:11:31 pm »
Oh yeah! this movie ROCKS!
If you have seen William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you will like this fim if you liked that.

Actually this is way better than that.

Of the same kind of modern style in a modern time with the old script, it is facinating to watch the drama of Macbeth, a noble in a "crime syndicate" become more and more mad following the rivalry for 'king'.

This truly is a masterpiece, and very well done indeed by an Austrailian film company.

Quite well done and entertaining to watch.

Poetic and action packed, this is a great intoduction to Shakespeare as well as an amazing film in it's own right.

Five stars.

I highly reccomend.