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Facial hair
« on: February 18, 2006, 10:12:38 pm »
Hello everyone,  I have a question about facial hair. Is there a topical cream or lotion that I can apply to either slow the growth of facial hair or stop it growing altogether. Shaving really has me bummed out. I already am using a product that I found recently,  { Nair for men} for the rest of me. It can't be used for the face according to the instructions printed on the bottle. Anything out there thats effective.


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Re: Facial hair
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I have seen depilatory creams out there specifically for facial hair, however they were more geared towards women...  I am not sure how well they might work for full-growth beard/moustache.  I believe Nair is one that produces such...but do read the directions carefully before you buy it. 

I certainly do not recommend using regular Nair on your face or even close to the pubic area.  Most especially if it is left on too long, or if it touches sensitive skin, it burns, OUCH!!  Good luck !! 



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Hello Owen,

Unfortunately I can't advise you on any facial hair cream that slows, reduces growth or stops it as I don't think that one exists that really works.  (Watch out for snake oil pedalers)  I can direct you to the Wiki article on Hair Removal found here that may help you.