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Podcasts? Did someone say podcasts?
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:46:41 am »
There is another thread for podcasts specifically about the subject of this forum. Here we can share podcasts outside of that venue.

This man is an absolute treasure, if you like history. He is Mike Duncan. Some of his projects:

The History of Rome

This was where he started. It's over 180 episodes, 74 hours total running time. It covers the Roman empire from the myth of Aeneas after the sack of Troy till Odoacer sends a young Romulus Augustulus into exile to an estate in Campania. The first dozen or so episodes are a bit rough, technically and  in his delivery. They do get much better as he progresses.
After that is his current project:


That link is where they start. The revolutions covered so far:

Latin American
Paris in 1830
The mess across Europe that was 1848
Paris in 1870

Those are finished. Right now he's on the Mexican Revolution.

They're all free to download, there is about a minute of ad time for most of them at the beginning.

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