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valerie anne:

I am a subscriber to this site, and I think it's wonderful for us <not allowed>.

Now, I have a <not allowed> fetish. I wear a bra and I regularly use hospital grade breast pumps at home and nipple suction teats in my bra when shopping.

I massage regularly and I have gone from an AA to a B cup. I need a bra all the time now!

I am hoping to lactate, and I have begun to wear breast shells to catch any drips (I have had a few already, wow!)

On the regular forums, I have posted from time to time about breast pumping, nipple stimulation, lactation etc., and I have always had positive responses.

I think there are lot of TGs like me who want to discuss their <not allowed> arrangements on a regular basis.

Can we have a booby forum please!

Valerie Anne   


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