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What's Your Favorite Feminine Style?

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I guess if I had to classify myself, I am a "girly" girl.  I like a look that is traditionally feminine.  Consequently, I wear mostly skirts or dresses and I choose a fit that accentuates my curves.  I always wear shoes with higher heels and I like to show off my legs (although, nothing unreasonably short).  I think my favorite clothing style is business feminine, a polished look, that exudes just a touch of sexy.

So, what's your favorite style?



That question is really hard to definitively answer.  There are so many styles, outfit combinations, colors, materials, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles to go with this all, plus many of these look good and feminine.  I will rule out the emo look as not of personal interest!  Then there are looks I would like to look good in, but currently do not.

Nice business attire I like, but less formal blouses with pants or A-line skirts can look nice.  Sweaters, scarfs, even deep pink hoodies or Ts with jeans.   I have never bought a women’s formal suit though.

If I get more curves, yes, I would like to accentuate them.  Right now I am experiencing no-gap pants that appear to snuggle in a little more at the waist as my waist to hip difference improves a little at a time. So the pants do “show” a tad more curviness, even if it is has a straight cut rather than a curvy cut.



Kind of the same, conservative business look.

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Clean and tailored. I guess I like business style.


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