Author Topic: My FFS in Thailand with Dr Chettawut in January  (Read 240 times)

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My FFS in Thailand with Dr Chettawut in January
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:38:37 pm »
Hello everyone,

I'm back after so long. I have paid in full for my recomended ffs from the same surgeon who had done my SRS 4 years ago and I'm quite excited. I usually come on this thread to see who has done their ffs with dr chettawut before but I am always given links to non-related topics for him such as srs.

I have spoken with 2 of my friends whom have gone to dr chettawut for ffs and have became a car model and now is more beautiful and married with the work hes done on her so that is why I chose dr chettawut. I have had read a few suggestions from different doctors within America but still haven't seen any proof on the work they have done or was quite more pricey with the surgeries that were recommended. I'm quite picky and skeptical unless I have had gone on a sugery with the doctor or have had close friends done surgery with a doctor with obvious results.

I'd like to be if not the first whom will be having surgery with Dr Chettawut for ffs and would love to come back and write about my experience since I have already done srs with him and have provided my experience with him in detail on Susan's Page 4 years ago, I'd like to do the same for Dr Chettawut.

Dr Chettawut recommended I do are:

1.      Forehead/ Brow Ridge Contouring + upper forehead augmentation

2.      Jaw and Chin contouring

3.      Upper eyelid surgery

4.      Buccal fat pad removal

5.      Liposuction under the chin & neck area

Now I did speak with his business partner and I thought there'd be more done on my face but she informed me that dr chettawut said my nose looks feminine already so that I would not have to worry.

I'm here asking if anyone else have done ffs with dr chettawut? I know hes great with depth when it comes to SRS but what about FFS?